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Swing "SOLID CORE", thanks to its reinforced and stiffened structure, always 100% pvc, is the new frontier of floating LVT floors. Innovative technology, easy to install (UNILIN joining system), that guarantees maximum stability, without using of joints, even for large areas (i.e. 20m x 20m) and pre-existing surfaces such as ceramic tile with planar gap up to 1cm. Swing "SOLID CORE" is easy and quick to install without using of special adhesives and/or particular tools that usually cause unpleasant dusts and smells, while maintaining at the same time its own characteristics to attenuate trampling noise.


All instructions and recommendations are based on the latest available information. You should follow these guidelines to ensure correct fitting.


Although Swing “SOLID CORE” has been designed and manufactured as floating floor, (without using any kind of adhesive or glue) it's still essential to clean carefully subfloor, in order to ensure a proper fitting.

Concrete subfloors
Concrete subfloors must be dry, smooth, and cleaned without any trace of dust, solvents, paint, wax, grease, oil, asphalt sealing compounds, and other external materials. Surface must be hard and solid and free of powder or flaking.

  1. New concrete slabs must be absolutely dry (at least 6 weeks after fitting) and completely set. Floor fitter is responsible for deciding whether or not the concrete is dry enough to fit the floor.
  2. Floor heating is possible provided that floor temperature not exceeds 25°/26°C in every point. Turn on the heating system to eliminate any residual moisture, before fitting.
  3. It is absolutely not recommended to lay Swing “SOLID CORE” on floors with heating arising from electrical source as, due to sudden temperature changes, there could be a negative impact on material. In that case EXPOSERVICE SRL will be not responsible for any damage and will not respond for any complaints

Existing floor coverings
Swing “SOLID CORE” can be installed without underlay on most surfaces with gaps until 1cm, provided they are planar Heavily cushioned vinyl floor or vinyl floors consisting of several layers, as well as tufted or needlepunched carpet are NOT suitable at all as subfloors for Swing “SOLID CORE”.

  1. To avoid narrow plank widths or short plank lengths near walls or doors, it is necessary to do a precise evaluation of space to floor, in order to optimize quantity of material to use. This is very important also to calculate how many whole and partial planks shall be used to cover all surface.
  2. Note that if the first row of planks does not need to be trimmed in width, it will be necessary to cut off the unsupported tongue so that a clean, solid edge will face the wall. It is advisable to keep always 5mm expansion gaps from the wall during the fitting. This allows space for the planks to expand and contract naturally.
  3. Fit the first planks' row by inserting the short side tongue into the short side groove of the first plank. Continue fitting additional planks along the first row using the same fitting method.
  4. To start the second row, cut a plank that is shorter than the first plank in the first row (usually it can be used the leftover from the last plank of the first row). Then, install this first plank by inserting the long side tongue into the groove of the plank in the first row.
  5. Proceed with subsequent plank in the second row by inserting the short side tongue into the previously fitted first plank short side groove.
  6. Align the plank so that the long side tongue tip is positioned just over the groove of the plank in the first row.
  7. Using gentle force and tilting the plank at an angle of 20-30°, push the long side tongue into the groove of the adjoining plank by sliding along the short side seam. You may need to lift the plank on the left side to allow 'sliding action'.
  8. The remaining planks can be fitted in the room using the same technique. Make sure that required expansion gaps will be maintained against all vertical fixtures such as walls, doors, cabinets, and similar.
  9. SWING planks can be easily cut with a simple cutter or utility knife. It is enough to score the top of the plank and snap the plank in two.

We inform you that claims will be NOT accepted from EXPOSERVICE SRL in case above mentioned installation instructions will be not strictly followed.

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