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Swing can be cleaned using mild cleaners to remove aggressive spots while, a damp cloth it’s enough for ordinary maintenance

General maintenance
Cleaning according to daily foot traffic.

Sweep only with a soft broom. Care must be taken if you use a vacuum cleaner, do not use vacuum cleaners with “beater bars”.

Clean with a damp cloth or mop, which should be rinsed frequently in clean water.
Remember that all floors can be slippery once wet.

When necessary wash with a solution of clean water and mild detergents or domestic floor cleaning emulsions*.

Rinse thoroughly and soak up residual water. For additional extra shine, buff with a dry cloth.

Spots, marks and spills should be removed as soon as possible.

*Do not use:
• Wire or nylon wool scouring brooms
• Furniture polishes
• Alcohol based polishes
• Powder or liquid abrasive cleaners
• Bleach or strong detergents

Protecting your floor from physical damages
Avoid following actions:
• Dragging heavy appliances and/or furnishings across the floor. Damages could be avoided by placing a sheet of hardboard, an off-cut of carpet or felt pads under rubber feet before repositioning.
• Hot or heated objects may cause burns or bubbles on floor’s surface.
• Abrasion from grit can be prevented by placing doormat by external doorways. This will also reduce unnecessary cleaning. Doormat must be ade by non-saining materia

Protecting your floor from stain damages
Avoid following substances:
• Rubber doormat supports may cause yellow color migration on the floor. Choose preferably natural fiber mats.
• Furniture rubber feet may cause stains. Remove them completely or place felt pads.
• Alcohol-based products such as shoe polishes, solvents, hair dye and permanent marker pens. Remove spots and marks as quickly as possible. Be careful also with turmeric, mustard and strongly colored foods.
• Corrosive substances such as acids and alkaline solutions can damage floor surface; clean up any spills quickly and carefully avoiding direct contact with above mentioned substances. Don’t forget to wear protective clothes (gloves, etc..)
• Bitumen/tar from freshly resurfaced or melted roads and pathways can damage floor, as well as some rubber shoe (and slipper) soles can also cause stains.

Above listed careful behaviors, must not be considered restrictive for Swing “SOLID CORE” floor use.

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